Developing toys made of safe materials
Developing toys
made of safe materials

UKa-CHaka — Developing toys made of safe materials

Training and development during the game!

  • High-quality
  • Safe

Active games and the development of your child

An ideal toy is the one that makes your child happy, develops the imagination of the child and can be used quite longer than a year or two. UKa-chaka meets all these criteria. It’s perfect both for boys and girls, for toddlers and schoolchildren, for active games and physical development and instead of gadgets and TV.

Motor activity is principal for the physical development of any child. There is a saying: “Movement is life”. An active game requires both mental and physical efforts from children and at the same time gives them happiness, satisfaction and captures the imagination. Such game develops breathing, improves blood circulation and metabolic processes, coordination of movements, speed, strength, and endurance.

UKa-CHaka toys are made of natural materials. They do not require much space in a room and complement almost any furniture thanks to modern design.

during the game

  • Development of the vestibular system
  • Improvement of gross and fine motor skills
  • Increase of movement coordination and dexterity
  • Muscle strengthening

and functionality

  • UKa-chaka toys are versatile and multifunctional. They can be used in different games depending on the ideas and fantasy of a child.

High-quality assembly

  • Strong and durable materials
  • Manual assembly
  • Quality control
  • Long service life

and eco-friendliness

  • Safe natural materials
  • Thorough grinding
  • No sharp corners

UKa-CHaka is a multifunctional developing rocking bed for your child.

Mommy approved
Natural materials
Non toxic
cotton fabric

As children grow older it becomes apparent that there are too many almost unused toys. Multifunctional and developing UKa-CHaka is the most functional and developing rocking chair that facilitates the flight of imagination and physical activity.

It helps you rock a newborn easily, gives a two-year-old child the possibility of playing, learns a preschooler how to balance and can be a perfect toy for children of any age when they “switch on” their imagination and “complete the reality”. The rocking chair has a safe swing range and does not roll over.

UKa-CHaka gives your child so many game options: to swing on a rocking chair, slide, climb a ladder or hide under a bridge, hide behind a wall or have a rest in a bed. On turning the rocking chair to another side the child makes up new entertainment, discovers new abilities and develops his body.

Rocker MINI Rocker MAXI
Height: 36cm
Length: 82сm
Width: 46cm
Weight: 5kg
Age: up to 5 years
Load: up to 60kg
Package: 87х46х10cm
Materials: Natural birch, environmentally friendly paints, water-based varnish
Heightt: 45cm
Length: 104cm
Width: 53cm
Weight: 9kg
Age: up to 12 years
Load: up to 100kg
Package: 107х54х10cm
Materials: Natural birch, environmentally friendly paints, water-based varnish

Mattresses and coloring:

We understand that you choose not only a toy, but also an item of interior so we’ve tried to diversify the design of rocking chairs as much as possible. There are rocking beds of two sizes in several colors with different design options for mattresses.

You should choose the size of UKa-Chaka rocking bed depending on the age of the child. Model MINI is best suitable for babies. If the child is older, we recommend MAXI version, which is designed for children till 12 years old.

Rocking beds are presented in different designs from a laconic white to a bright rainbow palette.

Complete the rocking bed with a stylish mattress. There are several interesting colors: for boys, for girls, and equally suitable for both.

The mattresses are made of natural materials and safe for children.

Balance board is a funny toy developing dexterity and coordination of movements.

Balance board is a funny toy developing dexterity and coordination of movements.

The UKa-CHaka balance board is complemented by a maze game.

An active and interesting game promotes cerebellar activity and coordination of muscle and mental activity, improves memory, attentiveness and learning. It develops muscles and shapes posture. Moreover, BalanceBoard is a training session before mastering a skateboard, ski, snowboard, surf or even walking a tightrope!

Children learn how to balance quite quickly. In order to keep a child interested in training, UKa-CHaka added a maze to the balance board. During the game the child learns to keep balance in a certain position of the board and at the same time tries to solve the labyrinth.

Balance-board MINI Balance-board MAXI
Length: 45cm
Width: 33cm
Height: 6cm
Вес: 1,2kg
Age: from 2 years
Load: up to 60kg
Materials: Natural birch, environmentally friendly paints, water-based varnish
Length: 58cm
Width: 42cm
Height: 6cm
Вес: 1,8kg
Age: from 5 years
Load: up to 90kg
Materials: Natural birch, environmentally friendly paints, water-based varnish

The UKa-CHaka balance board consists of a board with two protectors at the bottom. All boards are made of durable, high-quality wood. A labyrinth is located on the surface of the board and a drawing is applied by UV-printing. The board is varnished for protection against moisture and external damages.

Wooden balls are used during the game. The number of balls can be increased that makes solving the labyrinth more complicated.

Playing field:

It is necessary to run the balls through the maze directing them by shifting the center of gravity of the body. Swinging in different directions and keeping the balance in different positions the child will move the ball through the maze thereby training his or her vision and dexterity.

The first level involves a single ball, but you can make the game more complicated by adding balls that are included in the maze kit.

Boards for all tastes and ages

Balance boards are available in two versions: MINI - for kids up to 5 years old, and MAXI - for children over 5 years old.

Choose a design for a boy or a girl with your child’s favorite theme.

It is funny and exciting to move the balls through the maze of the balance board. The board doesn’t require much space in a room, allows your children to have active games even at home and develops attention and coordination.

Pony Star is a rocking pony for kids

Pony Star is our brand new toy made of natural materials for kids from 1 year old. The toy is manually polished and assembled of high-quality birch veneer 18 mm thick. Due to all the advantages of used materials, Pony Star has a small weight, but it has strong durability which allows it to withstand different burdens over a long period. Careful handling makes pony look subtle and neat. The toy’s coloring is made manually and only high-quality acrylic paints are used.

Pony Star’s compact forms and minimalistic design allow it to fit in any children’s room interior perfectly no matter a room’s style.

Pony’s construction is projected in that way that no traumas are possible. The low seat and small rotation angle will guarantee that there is no possibility of falling down and the absence of acute angles makes the toy very safe to use.

Rocking pony:
Height: 51см
Length: 31см
Width: 81см
Age: from 1 up to 3 years old
Materials: Natural birch, eco-friendly paints, water-based varnish.

Development while playing the game:

Pony Star develops balancing, improve concentration skills, can synchronize work of hemispheres, and develops agility and coordination. Playing with the toy bring a lot of joy to your child and will improve development of his imagination and fitness.

Pickler's developing complex

Pickler's developing complex

Why do you need Pickler? It is necessary for everyone who has children. For what? To competently develop the great motor skills of the baby, his physical strength, agility, spatial imagination. It gives freedom to play, confidence and joy of achievement. Unfortunately, not all parents understand how necessary it is and miss such an important point. This complex is named after the famous Hungarian pediatrician - Emma Pickler, who developed a system of early childhood and early childhood education based on the free movement of children, play and respect for the child's personality.

Complex characteristics:
Age: from 6 months
Load: up to 60kg
Materials: Birch, beech
Paintwork: Water based acrylic enamel
Ladder dimensions: 85cm(h) x 67cm(w)
Bridge dimensions: 43cm(h) x 72cm(w) x 80cm(l)
Slide dimensions: 120cm x 45cm

The Pickler's developing complex is a home sports corner, an important and necessary element for successful harmonious development of a child. The child is almost constantly in motion. The complex is always available and makes it possible to develop EVERY DAY. In addition, fine motor skills without major motor skills are not so good. So it’s really better to do everything together. We recommend using your child’s activity to good effect.

A UKa-CHaka Pickler's triangle made of wood can do the job well! Eco-friendly material, safe design, very compact - takes a minimum of space in the room, is available in transportation.


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Сертификаты качества



Rocker-bed UKa‑CHaka MINI

2 220 uah.

Rocker-bed UKa‑CHaka MAXI

2 750 uah.

Balance simulator balance-board MINI

650 uah.

Balance simulator balance-board MAXI

1 100 uah.


1 750 uah.

Pickler developing complex

3 750 uah.

Total: 1920 uah.